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the trademark boom difference!

  • Our service was created so that clients would be comfortable using the legal process instead of fearing it. 

  • Trademark Boom provides a flat-rate, easy, hassle-free way to file your federal trademark application in 3 easy steps. 

  • Our team of experienced attorneys will guide your throughout the application process to make sure your application is properly filed the first time.

What sets trademark boom! apart?

  • Unlike other services, when you choose Trademark Boom, your application is prepared and filed by experienced attorneys who understand the complexities, nuances, and requirements of trademark law. 

  • What sets Trademark Boom apart is that you work with attorneys who understand the legal technicalities of trademark law and of the filing process, which means you save time and money by filing your trademark application the right way the first time.

  • A clear understanding of trademark law is important because there are many legal factors that affect your trademark's chances of success.  

  • Keep in mind that other "budget" services offer trademark applications that are not prepared by attorneys and only offer "direct hit" clearance searches.  

  • "Direct hit" clearance searches means that these "budget" services only check your proposed mark against IDENTICAL marks, which is wholly insufficient and ignores important legal considerations that must be taken into account before filing a trademark application.  

When can I file my Trademark application?

  • Please note that you are permitted to file for a trademark BEFORE or AFTER you actually start your business and BEFORE or AFTER you actually start selling products or services. 

  • By filing your trademark application with Trademark Boom you are taking an important step towards protecting your name, brand, and logo and preventing competitors and others from benefiting from the unauthorized use of your trademarks.