Where Are Your Royalties?

As part of my entertainment law practice, I often work with artists and musicians to help account for, and often collect, significant music royalties from various sources that artists may not have known they were entitled to.

For the most part, record companies will typically maintain unpaid royalties in trust for the artist, who for whatever reason may not have sought out, accounted for, or attempted to collect the monies owed. However, that is not always the case and some disputes require additional strategic approaches in order to resolve the issue and assure that the artist, producer, or singer are paid their royalties.

As many musicians are well-aware, income streams for artists have dwindled due to a variety of factors, including, but not limited to, technology, distribution methods, and low streaming royalties. Another factor has been that the traditional record labels failed to adapt to the new technologies and new methods of music distribution (including online streaming), which placed considerable influence and power in the hands of the music streaming services.

All artists should review their statements and determine if there are potential sources of royalties that they may not have accounted for.