Using Influencers And Bloggers on Social Media?

Using Influencers and Bloggers to Promote Your Products on Social Media? 

In today's world, companies readily hire bloggers and influencers to help promote their products online and on social media.  Bloggers are becoming increasingly influential players in product advertisement due to their large followings and their ability to call attention to products quickly via social media.  Today, companies in all types of industries hire and pay bloggers and influencers to promote and advertise their products online.  In light of the growing trend, companies should be aware that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has guidelines regarding the use of such advertising.  In short, the FTC wants to minimize or eliminate the potential for possible consumer deception when companies fail to disclose or inform consumers that they paid the blogger or influencer to promote their products. 

The takeaway?  If you paid a blogger or influencer to promote your products on social media, you should consider disclosing that fact clearly.