Fashion- Hey That's My Art!

You fashionistas may have caught a glimpse of celebrity Gigi Hadid wearing a Moschino gown depicting a variation of a graffiti artist’s mural called “Vandal Eyes.”  The art had appeared years earlier on a building in Detroit.  At first, both Moschino and the artist were pleased with the worldwide attention that resulted from the use of the art on the gown.  However, that changed when pop star Katie Perry wore the gown to a Metropolitan Museum of Art gala in New York.  After Perry won the distinction of making onto numerous “worst dressed” lists, the artist filed suit in California court alleging that he had been wronged by Moschino’s insistence that Perry where the gown to the gala.  In short, the artists claims Moschino deliberately and “obnoxiously” disobeyed the gala’s dress code for headlines, which allegedly damaged the artist’s reputation.  The artist is seeking money damages and other relief.