Jury Rules Teen's Suicide Caused By Bullying

Bullies Beware ! Jury Rules Teen's Suicide Caused by Bullying

As we've posted in the past, bullying and cyber-bullying is a serious problem in our society which is only getting worse.  While much of the anti-bullying education begins in the home, our courts and the legal system are now beginning to address this epidemic and social cancer. The most recent example was a Missouri jury's finding that a teen's suicide was caused by bullying.  As reported by news outlets, a Missouri Dairy Queen manager now faces charges of involuntary manslaughter - a felony - after a jury found that the manager's repeated bullying of the 17-year-old employee resulted in his suicide.  According to the reports, the victim committed suicide because of constant bullying both at school and at work.  We are likely to see many more cases like this as our courts and the law continue to place bullies and cyberbullies on notice that their actions have consequences and that they will be held accountable.  

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