The Got Beats Music & Entertainment Conference is the premier music and entertainment and live production seminar.

Launched in 2019 by entertainment attorney Albert Soler of Soler Legal LLC and legendary producer, artist, and Queensbridge’s finest Kejuan “Havoc” Muchita of the Infamous Mobb Deep, the Got Beats Conference invites all singers, producers, music executives, entertainers, and entrepreneurs to “know your business,” protect your rights, and succeed in today’s complex music and entertainment landscape.

The Conference provides participants with a real-world discussion of the music industry, including music law, music copyright & ownership, music licensing, music publishing, royalties, song splits, recording agreements, sampling & clearances, band and group agreements, and much more.

The Conference also features an afternoon of live music production with legendary producer Havoc of the Infamous Mobb Deep and special guests. Always a highlight, Havoc provides a sneak peek into the production techniques and methods behind some of Havoc’s most renown and legendary beats.

Know Your Business.

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