Defamation, Publicity & Disparagement

Albert J. Soler was “effective and quick to put a stop to a rival’s unfair competition and tactics and we appreciate it”
- Stuff 4 Multiples LLC

Soler Legal LLC provides aggressive and effective representation to protect businesses, founders, executives, and others from all types of defamation and product disparagement by competitors, third parties, product reviewers, and others.  Business and industry competitors are becoming increasingly aggressive with respect to online activities, including improper product reviews, defamation of founders and their business practices, and improper threats to others' business contacts, including distributors, vendors, and bloggers.  We vigorously defend clients against this type of improper, damaging, and unlawful conduct. 


Celebrities, artists, models, and other personalities are entitled to a right of publicity and our firm is aggressive and swift about stopping, correcting, and holding accountable those who unlawfully and improperly seek to benefit from our clients' good-will, celebrity, and publicity.